All Figures Photos by
Jacky Witt
Richard Curry   17 inches tall    bonded bronze
Sanderson   16 inches tall    bonded bronze
Ballerina    16 inches tall    bonded bronze
Capt. M. Stuart Hunt   18 inches tall    bonded bronze
Diana   24 inches tall    bonded bronze
Christian Sanderson Museum
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Please contact Jim if you are interested in
ordering any of the figures that are shown
on the website.

If you are interested in portrait sculpture,
life-size portrait figures or custom nautical
pieces, call or email to discuss requirements
and a time-line.
Anything from a 6" bust to a larger than
life-size figure is possible.  These can be
produced in bronze, bonded bronze, plaster
or wood depending on the size of the
sculpture and your preferences.  Various
patinas or shadings can be added to some
mediums on request.
Although sculptures can be completed
from photographs, one on one sessions
produce the best outcome.  Jim loves to
travel.  Travel and shipping expenses would
be added to the cost of the commission.