The Concordia is a high school based on a sailing ship with it's offices in Quebec.  The ship was
built in Poland and is crewed predominantly by Polish sailors.
Jim's work on the Concordia began with a chance meeting in Norfolk, VA.  Jim was giving
Concordia crew member, Piotr Leszezynski a tour of the Kalmar Nyckel.  As a joke, he asked if the
Concordia needed a figurehead.  Immediately Piotr came up with a plan that Jim would join the ship
and carve the figurehead, not only to do the job but to teach the students a little bit about carving.
Jim was able to see many places of interest on both sides of the Atlantic during this four month
ship voyage. (Jim crossed the south Atlantic while working on the figurehead).  Final installation
was done during a five week stay in Poland during The Concordia ten year haul-out.
Jim's largest carving project to date.
The figures measure 8' each with the
banner extending 8' beyond them.
The Concordia